Welcome to my portfolio. ようこそ秘密基地へ。

My name's Stephan Jonkers(捨不安), but some people might know me better as Chrouya(黒夜) on the internet. Here, all of my academic papers have been archived, albeit not officially published so they won't be of any use for future research. However, if you've spoken to me in person, you might remember me saying that I've always been more of a practical kind of guy. Therefore, my past translation experiences and achievements might be more relevant to those visiting this portfolio.

My ultimate goal is to make a living out of the things I enjoy in life and share these experiences with others. For me, that would be gaming and Japanese. One example would be my regular livestreams on Twitch. Here's to hoping that my passion for communication (teaching, translation, hospitality) will lead to a bright future in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Need a freelance JA/EN/NL translation, a guide/host for Japanese guests, or any other kind of service? I'm all ears! You can find my resume in the sidebar. Please don't hesitate to send any business inquiries through email (jonkerssgh@gmail.com) or through direct messaging (e.g. via Discord). I hope you enjoy your stay!